Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First post

Welcome to the Adventures of Captain Teej Jay and St. June,

This blog will feature many short stories written by the late great F. Scott Fitzgerald. I am sure many of you have heard of this legendary author. However since these stories were never published, even for his greatest fan reading these would be a new and exciting experience.

Ha nahh F Scott Fitzgerald has nothing to do with this blog. Not yet?

Really I just needed a place on the net to do some writing/work, I have no idea what this will turn in to. But I have an idea of the kind of site/blog I like and will gear towards that. Try to keep interesting topics and stories involved. Feel free to give suggestions, I am new to this.

As for Captain Teej Jay and St. June?
St. June the Third that is, welll.. they are just a couple of characters/names me and my friends have created. I have no idea what they really mean/stand for.. just like this blog, they have room to grow. Most likely I will just use these names when referencing personal friends, instead of using any real names. But who knows, maybe I will write some short stories based on these two legendary men. I have some ideas. End up on Adult swim one night?

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